Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stimulus Package? WTF?

Hurrah! The Decider has spoken and he has loudly proclaimed that he will veto things he doesn't like (Translation: Bills that might benefit Democrats in an election year.). In other words, that stimulus package is not coming, because if it has one iota of pork, George is going to nuke it.

If tie color corresponds to a terrorism threat; What does blue mean?

In all fairness this is not sour grapes, because Democrats hate America and the sagging economy is caused by their ineptitude and lack of will to get anything done.

It was another ball game when Republicans controlled Congress, a mere 2 years go. Back then it was more than acceptable to load record pork into every single piece of legislation. Bush did his patriotic civic duty and rubber stamped every single one, because it was the right thing to do.

Bridges to Nowhere: Rubber stamp. Help to New Orleans? WTF? Isn't that governor a Democrat? Hmmmm... That city won't be recovering any time soon. F*ck em.

So the battle of parties continues at the expense of this one great nation. It never mattered who wins, nothing changes. The poor get poorer, the rich get richer.

This stimulus package is a joke any ways. You almost get the impression they are buying us off. Actually that is their intent. What's 150 billion when you are already down more than 3 trillion? How many zeroes are in a trillion? Does it matter?

Sometimes I wonder if I even want kids. How the hell will explain this moment in time to them?

Once upon a time, our country which was on the brink of financial ruin during a time of war decided to hand out money for absolutely no reason at all without a concern about how much it would cost future generations. The intent was to allow the populous to buy leaden wares from China. The global economy... it works.

This recession is going to be painful. A couple of hundreds of dollars is not going to make it easier. As far as accountability goes... you can forget about it.

Nothing will happen to those assholes who came up with those crappy loans and the bankers who decided to give loans to people who never should have had a 500k loan in the first place.

The true victims in this crisis are the savers. Then again who cares. They aren't stimulating the economy. They hate America. Everyone who loves America needs to be at least 10 grand in debt to their credit company.

The savers never will have anything, because our money isn't worth anything anymore. Doesn't inflation suck?

I've been looking at homes, and it is almost comical. People trying to sell their residences at 2006 market peak prices.

New flash! It's 2008. Your home lost 20% of your value. Wake up and come back to reality. It will be at least 2 years until your house starts making value again.

Hey, I got screwed too. We all did. But, something isn't right when you house goes up 60% in 5 years. There's something wrong. There's going to be a correction.

Now I can go off the deep end, and start talking about cardboard shoes and buying dented soup cans. I won't. As bad as this will be, we will survive somehow. But, you have to wonder about all this crap. How much more can we take as a nation? When will we say enough is enough?

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Blogger Tom G said...

Watch those home shows on HGTV some time. High comedy or disbelief based on the outcome. Everyone assumes they will make ridiculous returns on houses they owned 2-3 years. News Flash - that was the exception not the norm. Until houses fully reach their appropriate level (supply=demand you free market lovers), the economy will have trouble.

1/29/2008 10:53:00 PM  

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