Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sports Doofus

Some days the Sports Doofus just sucks more than others and today was not one of his better days. He decides to write another article about Boston sports, comparing this Pats team to the '86 Celtics. I get it Bill. I hear you loud and clear and unfortunately someone needs to tell you this - no one outside of Boston cares! You've been a national writer for many years now. It's about time you started acting like one.


Look, I used to enjoy the Sports Doofus and even wrote a post many months ago on the subject of why he sucks so much now. But I digress. See, I have no problem injecting his Boston-ness into the equation. Just not every frickin' time, unless he wants to move back to Boston and write for a Boston paper. And a more apt comparison would have been the Patriots vs Jordan's Bulls teams. But that isn't Boston. All hail Boston! My god does Bill Simmons suck!


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