Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just Pointing Out

After being wrong about everything the last 7+ years with nearly complete control of the government, why is our media still listening to the right wing propaganda machine? And after being proven wrong about everything, should we really be debating or publishing their views. So go on talking about how Hilary is the devil incarnate and how this is the nastiest primary battle ever (it's not!) and how Bill Clinton is immensely unpopular (he's not!) and how this will destroy the Democratic party. But you've lost all credibility. And you gain nothing if the Democrats actually follow your advice, which would lead a reasonable person to think maybe you were using some form of reverse psychology. Sadly, the Very Serious People are not that intelligent. Hence why they have been wrong about everything the past 7+ years. And sadly their are still too many Democrats that are too dumb to understand. Let's hope that ends asap so maybe we can start digging out from the rubble the conservatives created.


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