Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm Not There

Remakes fall into many different camps. You have the standard, note for note remake that makes you question why it was ever undertaken if nothing was changed. On the opposite end you have the unmitigated disaster where there is no semblence of the original. Then, there's the glorious middle.

Truth be told, I like remakes. I especially like it when bands play cover songs. That's one reason why I always find Yo La Tengo so entertaining. And the joy they show lets you know how much they really love those songs. So with this background I was very intrigued by the soundtrack to the movie "I'm Not There", the Dylan movie. For I'm a fairly big Dylan fan and was on one hand skeptical as to what could be done with his already great songs. But the artists they obtained for the soundtrack was rather impressive - an indie rock all-star lineup with Willie Nelson, Los Lobos, and Jack Johnson (???). So I decided to give the CD a listen and overall it's a mixed bag. Probably not worth my money but close.

For these remakes, you can definitely notice several artists who dived right in and just had a bunch of fun. The Hold Steady, Cat Power, Mark Lanegan, and Yo la Tengo come to mind. But I can't get over the fact how reserved most of these covers sound. It's as if the artists have such reverance they are afraid to let loose and do what they do best. There are definitely a lot of songs I will eventually just forward through.


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