Thursday, January 24, 2008

Harry Reid Must Go

It was actually easier to take Bush 2: Electric Boogaloo getting everything he wanted when the Republicans were in charge. They are a lost cause. But Harry Reid has been a disaster. It's time to start putting pressure on him to lose his leadership position. He has been a disaster. All the whole capitulation on the FISA bill is disgusting. I might understand if the American public wasn't overwhelming against the bill he's ensuring makes it to the floor. At least I could rationalize it as me just being a dam dirty hippie. But his moves show one of two motives - he actually supports Bush's policies or is so beholden to corporate interests that he places their concerns over the concerns of the American people. Either way, we can not stand for it. It's time to find a replacement - I nominate Dodd.

Harry Reid Must GO!


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Blogger libhom said...

It has been known for years that Reid is a woman-hating gun nut. Now we know he is a pathetic coward as well.

1/26/2008 02:44:00 PM  

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