Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quote of the Day

While I agree in theory with Crable, why the hell would he say it? I'm not a big proponent of blackboard material but still, why give additional motivation. Doesn't really matter much I guess. Michigan under Carr has never been able to stop the spread with a running QB. Don't expect anything different here. Florida should win by 4 TDs.

“I think y’all are too concerned with this Tebow, I mean he’s just a quarterback,” Crable said Saturday. “He’s really not (different.) He’s got some freakish stats because they use him differently, they use him in the red zone a lot to run the ball but he’s nothing more exceptional than we’ve ever played against.

“If you ask me about (Oregon’s) Dennis Dixon or you ask me about (former Texas quarterback) Vince Young, I’d be like, now those are some freakish people. You ask me about this guy, he’s just a quarterback.”

- Shawn Crable


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