Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Christmas Mix CD

Next year I'll try to do a little more research and hopefully improve the ultimate Christmas CD. Below is what I sent to family*. I know it may be missing a suggestion or two but I needed songs I could download from ITUNES. ENJOY!

1 - Carol of the Bells - Gary "Ho Ho" Hoey
2 - Christmas Conga - Cyndi Lauper
3 - Last Christmas - Wham!
4 - Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC
5 - Lonesome Christmas - BB King
6 - Be Your Santa - Keith Sweat
7 - No Presents for Christmas - King Diamond
8 - Christmas - The Who
9 - Dear Santa - Ringo Starr
10 - Christmas at the Zoo - The Flaming Lips
11 - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - Bruce Springsteen
12 - It's Christmas - *NSYNC
13 - Santa - Lightnin' Hopkins
14 - Don't Shoot Me Santa - The Killers
15 - Little Drummer Boy - Bob Seger
16 - Mistress for Christmas - AC/DC

* NSYNC was purely included to force my brothers to have an *NSYNC song on CD. Kinda like that car commercial with Michael Bolton. It is truly an awful song.


*music*Christmas *ultimate *CD *Gary Hoey*Wham!*Cyndi Lauper *Run DMC*BB King *Keith Sweat *King Diamond*The Who *Ringo Starr*Flaming Lips*NSYNC *Bruce Springsteen *Lightnin Hopkins*The Killers*Bob Seger *AC/DC


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