Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ass Munch Loves Him Some Bi...

Partisan, that is. Look, I'm somewhat sensitive to the cries of bi-partisanship coming from The Very Serious People who have been wrong about everything the past 7 years. For in a different time they might actually be right. But after 7 years of complete Republican rule we need a leftward adjustment. Now is not the time for bi-partisanship...not after how far we have drifted right.

To be honest, I am a huge proponent generally of bi-partisanship. I know I don't have the answers to most questions and doubt either party has a monopoly on being right. However, we have seen what complete Republican rule believes are solutions and it has lead us backwards. And the most pressing issues these days can not be solved with bi-partisanship. What's the middle ground for Iraq or Iran...can we invade a little bit or drop one nuclear bomb instead of 3?

And even if there is a middle ground, the assumption is that the Republicans will be reasonable and compromise. To date that has not occurred. That have held steadfast to their demands and have not budged one iota. Capitulation by the Democrats is not bi-partisanship, no matter how much Ass Munch might love it.

And all of this assumes there is a mystical middle ground that is the Garden of Eden. There is not. Most solutions can be solved with bi-partisanship. Many can not. And no one ever won an argument by starting with the middle ground. Politics is meant to be heated. That is called a democracy. The fact that the media fails to recognize this is one of the biggest disappointments of the last 20 years. They would rather have civility at their cocktail parties than protect our democracy. At least Bush didn't Trash the place, huh Ass Munch? Yeah I know, he only trashed our country.


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