Sunday, November 11, 2007

WGA Strike

Readers of this blog will no doubt find it unsurprising that I am supporting the writers in the Writers Guild strike. I could probably write thousands of words about unions in general and their decline and how this pertains specifically to the WGA strike. But I won't, at least at this time.

I do think the current system is so flawed and having the writers ask for just a little more compensation makes perfect sense. Afterall, they are the ones actually creating the product. As with most of our society though, the people creating the products often struggle to live a middle class lifestyle while their bosses use $100 bills to light their cigars. It has been encouraging to see the solidarity between the writers and actors and other unions. Sure, some innocent people will get screwed, like all Broadway show ticketholders. But it must be done if they want to make some progress in negotiations.

And while I often make fun of all the crap that passes for entertainment these days, there are a lot of quality entertainment being created. Just looking at Tv you have The Office, Flight of the Conchords, Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock, Lost, etc etc etc. And I would blame the TV execs and studio heads more for the crap that ends up on our TV or big screen. They are the ones deciding what gets produced. In my opinion, it's less about execution and more about the ideas.

So here's hoping the strike ends quickly and fairly. I leave you with a short my friends in ZooMilk made about the strike. ENJOY!


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