Monday, November 26, 2007

Journalism, Good God Y'all...What is it Good For?

Absolutely nothing...

As if you needed any further proof in how bad our media is then this New York Times article, along with the ongoing Joe Klein Experience should do it. First, The New York Times.

“I think that Governor Romney is trying to distract attention from what is clearly a mistake that he made, but the other big mistake that he made was crime went up,” Mr. Giuliani said. “Violent crime and murder went up while he was governor, and I think that that is something that talks about not just an isolated mistake, it talks about a series of mistakes.” The Romney campaign responded that federal crime statistics show that the violent crime rate in Massachusetts, which includes not only murder but also crimes like assault, dropped 7 percent during his tenure.

And they leave it as that - he said/she said. It's as if they are so lazy or corrupt or ignorant that they think every disagreement has 2 sides. If they were actually practicing journalism they might, I don't know, actually do some research to determine whether one side was lying or at the very least who had the better argument. And that's one huge reason why our country is so f$cked. The media perpetuates lies because they are stenographers and not reporters. Well, f$ck you very much if you force another Bush on us. F$ck you very much!

And then there's the Joe Klein Experience. Without bothering with the gruesome details, The Experience finally answers his critics by saying he has neither the time or law background to comprehend the FISA legislation. But this whole beatdown started by his misstatement of facts surrounding the legislation...the legislation he now claims he does not have the time to read. So now it's perfectly acceptable to write about legislation, IMPORTANT legislation mind you, by just asking both sides what is included and writing it as a he said/she said. While the whole time you could actually read the legislation.

What the hell is wrong with our media...oh yeah, the only ones who can be heard are the Very Serious People who have been wrong about everything for the past 7 years.


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