Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sam Eagle: That Frost Kid

Greetings my fellow Americans. It has come to my attention that the media believe we conservatives hate kids. They have unfairly attacked my friends Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh on the matter.

This is simply not true! I love kids. In fact I picket abortion clinics every weekend. I don't see the frog, pig, and whatever the heck Gonzo is doing that. Swine!

Why would the media say this? Why would they attack my upstanding hard working friends? Is it because of the Frost kid?

That boy had it coming to him. He deserves our GOP venom.

Graeme Frost might be sick, but I do have my doubts on the severity. Yes, he's liberal and as Ann Coulter pointed out, liberalism is a mental illness.

But is this enough to deserve our hard earned tax dollars? His parents are rich! They have 2 cars and a house.

I say enough is enough! We don't need socialized medicine for millionaires!

Maybe instead of buying that extra car, Mr and Mrs. Frost should go out and buy their son and daughter health insurance!

After all poor people don't own homes! Poor people don't have multiple cars!

The Frosts have both and their own business to boot! Maybe they are too lazy. Mr. and Mrs. Frost should work 2 or 3 extra jobs like any real American.

I despise the Democrats for using this specimen as a prop. It is morally disgraceful and irresponsible.

We conservatives would never do anything like this unless it was for a real issue like preventing beautiful Terri Schiavo from dying by the hand of her cruel brothel frequenting husband. I'm crying tears right now thinking about. I can't wait to hug her in heaven.

Besides only Republicans can use people as props. Democrats who use this technique are evil and hate America. It is imperative that all Democratic props are promptly discredited and destroyed.

Let me give an example to support my argument:

Terri Schiavo + GOP= Good
Graeme Frost + Democrat= Bad

Is it fair to attack a 12 year old boy who may or may not be sick?


When he is a rich liberal kid trying to steal our tax dollars. We need that money for our wars! Why does Graeme Frost hate our troops?

The Frosts have a lot of nerve getting into a car accident and then making us hard working Americans pay for the damages.

Try being responsible for once! If you don't think you can afford health insurance then don't get into a car accident and lose your health insurance! It's really elementary. Even a brain damaged degenerate like Animal could grasp that concept!

The Frosts are selfish. I bet they never once thought about the health insurance companies and their investors. Now is not the time for this ridiculousness.

These poor investors and health insurance company CEOs are the real Americans and they are struggling right now. Wall Street profits are down and it is all because people like the Frosts who expect us responsible types to pick up after them.

I bet right now there is some whiny Osama loving liberal claiming that I am not being sympathetic to the Frosts and their plight.

Sympathetic? Me. I love kids just not kids like the Frosts; Who want to destroy all that is wholesome and want us to fail miserably in Iraq.

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps young man. Get a job! Become a Republican.

I hang my head in disgust. What is happening to our great country? Why do these liberals want to destroy everything that is great about America? What is so great about becoming a nation of Bert and Ernies? Nothing I say! Nothing!

This article was reprinted with much silliness from Real Clear Politics, a conservative political opinion web site.

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