Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not News: Another Corrupt NJ Politico

The case of the missing Atlantic City mayor has come to a close. The dude (Mr. Jacobs) was gone for two weeks and is now resigning.

It appears there was some controversy about his Vietnam service and the feds were looking into it. Apparently Jacobs did serve, but not in the Special Forces like he claimed. In other words he was trying to get some extra money that he wasn't entitled to receive.

Jacobs freaked out. Got drunk. Went psycho. Checked into a clinic. Now he's depressed and nobody likes him. Not even the members of his own party. Maybe some more time spent with his family will help.

Yes, it's true ladies and gentlemen there are plenty of corrupt people in both parties. For the record Jacobs is a member of the Democratic party.

It's a disgrace, but this appears to be a common occurrence for the seaside hell hole. There hasn't been a non-corrupt mayor there for over 40 years. At least it's consistent with how things operate in this state. Our last Governor resigned because he gave his boyfriend a job that he wasn't qualified to have. Boy was his wife mad when the sh*t hit the fan. Thanks a lot liberal media (rolling the eyes). Yes, that was a Democrat too.

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