Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nobody Likes New Jersey

I don't want to live here anymore so it is no surprising that 28% of the people living here feel the same way.

Little known secret: NJ isn't completely a toxic waste dump.

The politicians are corrupt, the traffic is awful, the property taxes, housing, car insurance, and cost of living are much too high. It seems that wherever you go, someone is trying to make a buck off you. Christ even a day to the beach will cost a family of four well over a hundred. A substantial portion of population exist solely off bleeding the middle class dry.

F*ck these people. And screw the fraternal order of police who harass my household constantly. There I said it. Arrest me. I'm sick of it. Go harass the McMansion dwellers. I have a hard enough time making ends meet and I don't even have a rug rat yet.

According to this article between 2002 and 2006, 231,565 people left. This includes 72,547 people last year. In the grand scheme of things that is not much considering how over-populated this state is.

The worst part about NJ... The guido. I f*cking hate the guidos. Nice belt guido.

I'll admit that the state does have it's charm. Northern Jersey can be rather scenic near the mountains. The park system is great. It's nice living close to Philadelphia and New York. There's a load of good restaurants and the ocean is close by. There are benefits unless you don't have money. Then it kind of sucks.

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Blogger betmo said...

you have to stop blaming new jersey- the problem is all of the transplants from new york city- we have the same issue in upstate new york in a 100 mile radius of that sewer.

10/20/2007 08:30:00 AM  
Blogger Mike K said...

Hmmmmm.... Maybe we need to build a wall to keep them in the city. I don't like how they drove up the real estate prices. :-(

10/23/2007 07:48:00 PM  

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