Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life is Crap: The Movie

There has been news circulating around the internets that this blog is going the way of the teletubby. Not true, my friends. We are just getting started.

Tom and I have been working on a new format that would "wow" people. Yes, we plan on revamping this blog to correspond with the Life is Crap movie.

A movie? Yes. It is everything that you ever wanted, but didn't know that you wanted. Picture it! A blog nobody has ever visited gets made into a movie. It's brilliant.

We plan on doing a couple of standard shots from the perspective of the authors. What does this mean to the audience?

Imagine watching a movie where all you see is a computer monitor and fingers typing on a keyboard. Brilliant use of fade outs and special effects are incorporated along with a kick ass soundtrack.

There is no speaking, but perhaps a grunt here and there and a few chuckles. Of course there is the sound of typing fingers and the occasional pause and slurp of coffee.

If you haven't figured this out already, there will be an IMAX version. How could there not be? This is an award winning concept. It's daring and in your face to begin with, the IMAX release just cements the concept.

I know some of you are wondering out loud, "How the hell can I watch 90 minutes of a couple of guys writing a blog?" My response is: "You can't afford not to watch this!"

Do you want to be the only person on your block to not see this movie? Do you want to remain ignorant to awesomeness?

This movie is beyond funny too. Like the scene where I open up Internet Explorer and I get the blue screen of death. Jesus I'm on the floor just thinking about it. Then, there is other scene where I get bored of writing a blog entry and start surfing for porn. Who knew I liked fat girls with unibrows? That's hawt!

There are also the scenes that pull at the heart strings like Tom's September 27th entry where he writes, "I'm too tired to write much more today. I suppose I have a case of the Mondays." I think the superb use of the Pretender's "I'll Stand By You" captures the moment perfectly when Mike emails Tom, "Dude, feel free to email me if you want to talk about it."

The best part of the movie are when Mike and Tom address their blog critics.

"A bridge called, it's missing it's troll," writes an angry Tom to a Bush apologist in his December 4th post.

Mike angrily writes, "Look I would explain it to you, but you're probably too inbred to comprehend," when a poster makes fun of his "Crisco is the New Hair Gel" post.

Already we have received numerous positive reviews from the likes of Roger Ebert, and Bob Sackamone.

"This movie breaks all the rules of entertainment. It raises serious questions about reality in the Internet age." - Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun Times)

"This movie is too ahead of it's time. It's reckless, dangerous, and toxic. I recommend watching it on a big screen. That type can get hard to read after awhile." -Bob Sackamone (Lives in his mom's basement in Des Moines.)

"Liberal trash and lies challenges what can constitute entertainment in the new millennium. I chuckled. I laughed. I cried. I did lines of coke." -Rich Milkowski (Wall Street Journal)

"Life is Crap: The Movie" arrives in theaters November 16th.

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