Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Need a Hero

I'm starting to believe that all the potential Barack Obama shows is just that, potential. While he's a truly inspiring speaker, rhetoric does not make a leader. To be a leader, you actually have to show leadership. And unfortunately when it comes to Obama, actual leadership is lacking.

I'm not sure if it's solely Obama's fault, ie, the man on the campaign trail fairly represents the actual man. After 1996 and 2000 we all witnessed completely different Bob Dole's and Al Gore's than we saw during their presidential runs. So I would hope that what we have seen from Obama is a miscalculation from his strategists. Given the horrendous abilities of the Democratic strategists since seemingly forever, this seems very possible.

Obama talks a good game. He talks about change. And his speeches are inspiring. But the substance and his proposals deviate very little from the status quo. For someone who speaks so frequently and eloquently about acceptance and equality, he sure chooses it selectively. Whether his weak stances on gay rights or his recent decision to have an anti-gay bigot perform at his outreach concert, Obama has been very intolerant with respect to the gay community. Look, it's very simple. Over time our country will only become more tolerant with respect to gay rights. I'm guessing in 10 years gay marriage will be a non-issue. It's not hard to see what the right side of history is, let alone just the plain right thing. Yet Obama hems and haws trying to pander to the bigots. As if they are really going to vote for a Democrat.

Am I really unreasonable for wanting an actual leader. We are the greatest country on Earth yet I see no real leader amongst the presidential candidates. Do we really have the dearth of talent or does our current environment prevent true leaders or visionaries from rising to the office? There may be some truth, given what happened with Gore. But he at least made the nominee and won the popular vote.

At least the Democratic candidates aren't batshit crazy like all the Republican candidates. Yet therein lies the problem. I want someone who inspires me, not just someone who I'm happy isn't the other guy. After the clusterf$ck of the past 7 years, we need someone who will affect change and LEAD. If not, we will continue to be f$cked. As Bonnie Tyler sang, I need a hero. Sadly, I'm doubting whether Obama will ever be that man.


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