Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Mr Truck Driver

Dear Mr Trucker Driver,

Or should I just refer to you as Jackass. You have a lot of nerve to stop at the tollway and get out of your car to scream like a crazy man at some other driver who wouldn't let you merge into his lane. If I were even a few car lengths closer you would have heard me tell you to get the f$ck back in your car. I get that you were frustrated that no one would let you in. So what. What's the worst thing that happens? You go through the I-PASS lane and pay the toll online. To stop and hold up backed up traffic even more just shows what an asshole you truly are. In case you didn't notice, that toll plaza is a complete clusterfuck. It was nothing personal that no one was letting you in. If you could drive you would find a way to get in. Everyone else seems to manage fine, yet you, a professional, can not without blowing up.

Your Pal,

Tom G


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