Sunday, October 28, 2007


There is a new movie out this week called "Control" that is based on the life of Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Most likely it is in very limited release, as it is only playing at The Music Box in Chicago. On today's "Ebert & Roeper" both Roeper and the other guy gave it high praise. I'm pretty interested to see it, even though I hardly ever go to the theater. For those who don't know, Curtis was the singer of Joy Division who hung himself on the eve of their first US tour. The band continued and became New Order, while Joy Division became one of the most influential post-punk bands ever. Not to mention that because of Joy Division you will never read an Interpol review without a reference to Joy Division.

Because of the release of the movie I thought I'd include some Joy Division songs. Obviously there is the alt-rock classic "Love Will Tear Us Apart", but there was so much more to Joy Division. They come very highly recommended.

Love Will Tear Us Apart:

She's Lost Control:



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Blogger Mike K said...

I am definitely putting this on Netflix. The movie has received pretty good reviews so far.

10/30/2007 08:14:00 AM  

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