Monday, September 24, 2007

Old Man Gould

In my old age I'm becoming a crochety old man. We all do it. Whether it's my brother getting mad at the neighborhood kids for leaving their toys all over their yard. Or my cousin Sean getting annoyed with the bikers - street is for driving he says. Well, I had one of those moments this afternoon. After my issues a few months ago, I decided to buy an external hard drive to back up my stuff. Of course, I waited to install it until after it was too late to return if anything was wrong. So over the past 2 days I've struggled with having write access on the drive. Don't even get me started on the point of having read access only on a blank external hard drive...

So in my frustration to format my hard drive, I send off a nasty email to tech support at the external hard drive company. The whole time I knew my frustration was with the lack of clarity from Apple. But that didn't matter - I needed to vent. Of course I somehow figured out how to format my hard drive moments after. Don't ask me what I did cause I'm not sure. Something involving erasing the drive, which makes absolutely no intuitive sense.

Oh well, it's not too many years until I'm stealing the neighborhood kids baseballs.


*Tom G*Old Man Gould*external hard drive *format *Apple


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