Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Middle East Funny Guy

The US stretch of the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Comedy Tour has come to a close proving that a racist crazy idiot can ruffle the feathers of our elected leaders and the American public.

Ahmadinejad: My world view... All sorts of topsy-turvy.

Lets face it Ahmadinejad is all sorts of crazy; Believing that the Holocaust never occurred and gay Iranians do not exist. Calling for the destruction of Israel is just par for the course.

That being said... Is it really necessary to get bent out of shape over this guy and what he says? He's an idiot. Mostly harmless, but should definitely be in our radar screen (Even an idiot can potentially be dangerous.).

The fuss being made over Ahmadinejad just gives Iran's government legitimacy. Ignore the bastard, but be respectable about it. We should never lower ourselves to his level.

What kind of signal does it send to the world when the U.S. delegation walks out even before Ahmadinejad took to the United Nation's podium? It makes us look like tactless cowards. Listen politely to the creep (It's your job.) and respond appropriately afterwards.

The same goes with the stink over Ahmadinejad visiting Ground Zero. We made it into a publicity stunt. Of course it goes without saying that Ahmadinejad doesn't give a crap about what happened there 6 years a go that dark September. He's just looking for the outrage over the idea so he can tell his countrymen, "I tried to do the right thing, but the Americans are crazy."

Ahmadinejad: Not gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

And yes we looked crazy. Not crazy enough to make Ahmadinejad look normal, but we sure are not helping the situation by migrating over to his spectrum.

It's frightening when people let their emotions rule their rational thoughts. Immediately after hearing about these episodes, some people think that we should attack Iran.

Huh? How is that even logical? I realize that we attacked Iraq based on a rumor that Saddam might be trying to build a nuke. Is logic is over-rated these days? Haven't we learned our lesson?

Fear is a terrible thing. We can not and should not ever fear our enemies or act out in fear. It gives these people power. Power that they do not deserve.

If God forbid our country gets roped into a war with Iran, it better be over something legitimate. It has to be proven without a doubt that they instigated an attack. None of this preemptive bullshit.

Other countries are right in their criticism that our government does what is right for us and often overlooks the implications of our actions. That's a fact. As a country we've accomplished a hell of a lot, but we also have gotten it wrong at times too. Monkeying around in the Middle East has just been a perpetual headache with no positive results (Unless you consider enriching Halliburton as beneficial.).

Anyways, screw Ahmadinejad. Screw crazy logic. We are much better off when we think with our minds instead of our emotions.

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Blogger betmo said...

i was saying this almost verbatim to my houseguest today. ridiculous indeed but it isn't the grownups who think who are currently running the show.

9/28/2007 08:18:00 PM  

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