Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iggy Pop Syndrome

Apparently my cousin's kid has Iggy Pop Syndrome. At the age of 12 he constantly yearns to walk around without his shirt on. Not sure where he actually he got the idea that was cool. Afterall, he is too young for "Pete & Pete". The only thing that scares me is he's around the age where he might start violently humping inanimate objects. I just pray to God their window doesn't shatter or he may get an idea through his head.

Now, usually Iggy Pop Syndrome can be squelched with some strict parenting. Since that's not happening, I only hope he finds a way to cure himself on his own. Or else he becomes one of the most influential musicians/entertainers. That life wouldn't suck. On second thought, here's to Nick becoming the next Iggy Pop.

On a serious note, I saw Iggy live around 12 years ago and he blew me away. Just an incredible entertainer. I left speechless. Iggy rules!


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