Thursday, September 27, 2007

He's Fat and a Druggie and No One Likes Him

I try to avoid talking about Rush Limbaugh so I'll make this short and sweet. For if a Democrat criticizes anyone in the military they're treasonous, when he does it or any other Republican they're heroic or at least telling it like it is.

Exhibit A: MoveOn's ad - Limbaugh outraged!!!

Exhibit B: Limbaugh calling any soldier against the war and/or administration a "phony soldier".

Exhibit C: His calling Hagel Gen Betray-us when he spoke out against the war

Exhibit D: His Lack of outrage over comparison of Cleeland to bin Laden

Exhibit E: His Lack of outrage over Republicans and their purple band-aids for Kerry.

It could go on and on. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. Only difference in all examples is the political party. There is something weird going on in this country I've really avoided commenting on because it scares the hell out of me. But it's out there. And it's just getting worse. When any opposition to Dear Leader is off the table, we fail to remain a democracy. And while we have yet to reach the tipping point, we are getting very close. And once you go over, the only way back will be painful, bloody, and gruesome. I hope our country wakes up soon before it's too late. I'm just not optimistic that will happen.


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