Monday, February 12, 2007

Video Crap Update

Hey Hey,

For those who think I'm just talking loud and aint' saying nothing (sorry, watched some James Brown live concert over the weekend), here's an update on the video project I've mentioned previously.

All footage is shot, though there are some problems. Basically the guy who shot it kinda sucked. And this being our first time we didn't always know enough what to shoot. Plus, his response for our suggestions was you can't do it (why? because it will suck was his answer). And he had some dumb idea for transitions that complicates the issue. Anyway, these issues just limit the amount of footage we can use.

We have started editing and are probably 20% done. The plan is to ramp up over the next few weeks to get a rough cut down shortly. Unfortunately we have full time jobs and only one computer (though I think I've decided to buy an Apple - yeah Final Cut!!!). Hopefully we'll get the pilot completed by March.

I started editing a video to The Hold Steady song "Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night" this weekend. I found a bunch of old footage of drunken nights a few years ago. It seemed appropriate to use the footage for a video to that particular song. A rough version is complete, probably 80% done total. I just need to work on the final 30 seconds (my editing software sucks so much compared to Final Cut) and tighten up everything. When complete I'll post to YouTube and MySpace and here and there. I hope to have this complete by the end of the week.

Well, more updates soon I hope.


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