Friday, February 09, 2007

Throwing Darts

Pet peeve of the day are the truly awful predictions of meterologists. I know complaining about weathermen is like shooting fish in a barrel but man do they suck. I know they use science to predict the future but it often seems like they're just throwing darts or completely guessing. I'll have to think about it some but I'm gonna come up with a random weather predictor. Then we can see if chance does better than those eggheads with their Dopplers. I'll have to make it slightly better than chance though. Would I really predict 85 degrees in Jan? Or snow in August? Hmmm, I'll have to some how base it off deviations from historical norms or year ago or something. Check out the brain on Tom. My science geekiness is shining through.

Anyway, it's supposed to get above artic freeze by Monday here in Chicago. Then again, it was supposed to do that Friday when I watched the news Monday or Tuesday. I'd say the chances of accuracy are 50/50 weatherman.


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