Monday, February 05, 2007

Sexy Being Sexy

While Sexy may have lead the Bears to defeat last night, he can take solace in the truth that he's still sexy...and always will be. For what Rex Grossman did last night was no different than what he did all season long. And I'm the idiot for thinking he would suddenly change. To think I actually believed Sexy would be a Super Bowl winning quarterback...what was I thinking? In my defense, I probably got lost in his sexiness. But that 500 throw he made to Hayden was just behind the O'Donnell throw for worst Super Bowl throw.

On the plus side, Lovie Smith and the team still supports His Sexiness. So he's that going for him. And there will hopefully be an entire offseason devoted to arguing whether Sexy is the type of team who can win you a Super Bowl. In all seriousness, it was a total team loss. But Rex deserves A TON of blame. Sports radio is already mentioning the lack of offensive plays for the Bears, as if Rex had nothing to do with that. Well, good for them. That will just guarantee another year of Sexy Rexy and the stupidity that comes with that.

Overall, the Super Bowl can be summed up as follows - Sexy was just be sexy. Congratulations Colts!


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