Monday, February 12, 2007

The Money Problem

Money does not bring happiness. Money pays the bills. Lately, I've been obsessed about making more. Perhaps because my wife is back in school; leaving me the responsibility of supporting our household.

I won't lie to you. It has been a big adjustment. I'm happy that she is in school, but I also worry that we will never be able to afford a nice home. This worrying is bad news crapateers!

I was driving this morning when Belle and Sebastian's, "Semour Stein" came on the stereo. I always liked the song, because it reminds me of the best Simon and Garfunkel tracks such as America, and the Dangling Conversation. It's the type of song that makes you feel alive; happy and sad at the same time. It's almost like a switch is thrown and suddenly you are overcome with emotions that you usually don't display.

It's been awhile since I've had that feeling. It's not to say that life has been crap, but I feel I have somewhat been going through the motions. It made me think...

Maybe I need to stop ignoring the little things that make life worth living such as the dog stretching his legs and yawning or my wife kicking me in the morning.

Maybe it is time to embrace life, write music again, and work on that book I always wanted to write. Life is short and I'm running out of time.

Besides I have never been conventional so there is no sense in trying to emulate how other people live. I may not have everything that I want, but I have what I need. That is more than enough reason to celebrate.

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