Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boo F'ing Hoo

I don't get the punditry and some of the weird thoughts they seem to have. Or even the fact that they seem so insulated from reality. So I'm not about to cry for Joe Klein as he writes an assinine post (is there any other kind of Klein writing):

I just don't get it. We heard the same bellyaching and whining during the Lamont challenge of Lieberman. What is so awful about challenging incumbency? Isn't that a beautiful part of democracy? You know, to actually have options and make our represenatives accountable to us. Isn't it true that we should strive to make the country the way we want it. You might not want the same Democratic Party that Markos wants, but just STFU and stand up for what you believe in. So in your stupid f$ckin' mansion on the hill it's extremist to actually believe you can help shape the party and thus the country. Sorry dipshit, I didn't realize we have a restricted democracry. My God, what a f$ckin' pathetic little man.

Then again, even time an incumbent loses means Joe Klein has to get out his knee pads and prove he knows what he's doing all over again. Maybe that's why he hates incumbency challenges so much.

Seriously, we must have the dumbest f$ckin' people on the planet running the government and writing about the people running it. I'm actually torn as to who is dumber - I'll call it a tie and go home.


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