Thursday, February 08, 2007

Black Ice Responds

Dear Damn Dirty Hippie,

Kneel before Black Ice. Feel my magical powers to hold hostage any entire Metro area. It is only a matter of time before you can smell what Black Ice is cooking. BWAHHAHAHA!!!!

You are a weak and ineffectual damn dirty hippie who is weak and puny and did I mention weak. Your naivety will be like putty in my hands as I take over the Chicago Metro area one vehicular accident at a time.

Curses the Sun, my mortal enemy. One of these days he will feel my power and cease to exist. And at that time you will be found trembling and eating the words you so haphazardly wrote above. I will find you in a pool of your own urine blaming the news media for not adequately warning you on my impending domination. For you are a coward. And you will feel the wrath of me, Black Ice.

Once again, it's Black Ice. You will find me around wherever there is snow that has not quite melted. Wherever there is rain that gets frozen onto the street. And you will all kneel before me, Black Ice.


Black Ice


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