Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tom G's 2006 in Review

Peace out homies. It's 2007 and things are about to be crazy. Lots of madness, some tears, and maybe even some educating. But to get things started properly, let's look back at 2006. Here is my 2006 in a snapshot in list form (top M events of 2006):

A) My New Job - It's still new but it would be hard to not be at least 5 times better than my old job.
B) Las Vegas bachelor party weekend - maybe my funnest weekend ever (unless I were to group Seattle into one trip but I wanted to break up into different events).
C) Filming for Practically There and Paperboy - great to see the results of months of writing. After a break, anxious to get the editing started and post the results on here.
D) Steve Balboni - The Hackensack Bulls may be dreadful, but Steve Balboni's lead of Babe Ruth has been the most enjoyable thing about coming into work everyday.
E) The Hold Steady - Musically 2006 was the year of The Hold Steady for me. From a fantastic new record to the show in Seattle to the show a few nights later in Chicago, The Hold Steady became one of my 2006 highlights.
F) "Sweet Dreams" at Experience Music Project in Seattle - you had to be there to understand
G) Seahawks - Vikings in Seattle - front row seats make me say BOO-YAHH!!!!
H) New mattress
I) The firing of Dusty Baker
J) Watching Farnsworth pitch to Patterson in Baltimore
K) Parker
L) All of my friends' weddings (wouldn't be fair to choose just one)
M) The fact that I can barely recall anything prior to May 2006

Of course this blog and working with Mike K tops the list, but y'all already knew that. Plus, it would look self-serving to put it on the list.


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