Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thoughts of Number 19

It was a instant throwback. The kind that brings a smile to a hockey buff's face. Steve Yzerman gracing center ice, although it was different type of ceremony. Instead of wearing the famous number 19 jersey with the captain insignia, Stevie wore a suit. Instead of hoisting a trophy, there was a banner.

The Captain graces the ice once again.

Yesterday the Detroit Red Wings paid homage to one of hockey's all time greats. Retiring the number of the longest serving NHL captain. Three Stanley Cups, five President's Trophies, and several other awards is not too shabby. To put it in perspective Steve scored 692 goals, 1,063 assists in 23 seasons in Detroit. He was captain for 20.

It was a sad day, but a joyful one too. The official end of the Steve Yzerman era and beginning of a new life for a guy whose unselfish spirit inspired a city.

Is the guy on the plaque really Stevie?

The Red Wings are rebuilding, but are still quite a threat. The Ducks were compromised by injuries, and the Wings were able to capitalize. The strategic win was a great way to finish off the historic night.

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