Thursday, January 11, 2007

President Poopy Pants

What an immature little child. Besides ignoring the opinion of the American people, majority of Congress, majority of generals, Iraq Study Group, etc, President Poopy Pants is even ignoring the neocons who advocated the surge in the first place. While objective estimates say we would need 100,000 additional troops to effectively stem the violence, the neocons have advocated a level of 35,000 will do the trick. For right now, let's forget the neocons have been wrong about most everything in Iraq. But President Poopy Pants won't even listen to them. He's The Decider. He does what he wants. In fact, I think he revels in the ability to act out. It's so sad we have an adolescent brain in The White House. It's so similar to the teenager who does the opposite of whatever their parent tells them, regardless of its merits. If only he wasn't playing with 300 million lives (billions if you agree he also impacts the entire world as the leader of the strongest nation). Please go back to clearing brush at your ranch in Crawford, TX and leave the most important job in the world to grownups (who would have predicted this country would pine for the days of Bush I: A New Beginning).


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