Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Partisanship in the House?

So the day has finally come. The permanent majority has been destroyed. A new Congress will be ushered in tomorrow. What does this mean? Let us examine the words of the decider:

"The message of the fall election was clear: Americans want us to work together to make progress for our country," Bush said in a Dec. 20 news conference.

Bush risks getting liberal cooties.

Cute. I thought the message was: "We do not like what the Republican controlled Congress has been doing." Any ways, I have to agree with Tom on the subject of the Republican cry-babies.

Why are the Republicans already complaining about partisanship? The new Congress has not even been sworn in yet! That's tomorrow dip shits. Mark your calendars. Get it together.

As much I would like bipartisanship in Washington, I doubt that the Democratic party is going to bring out the welcome wagon for the GOP. Especially after what the GOP has done to the Democrats for the past 12 years. In other words... you can't kick someone in the teeth and expect a joyous reunion. There will be a reckoning at least for a little while.

I do believe that the mood in Washington will improve. The GOP will be included more in a Democratic controlled Congress than the Democratic party was in the GOP controlled Congress.

The GOP will not have equal status with the Democratic party. The Democratic party is NOW the majority. The majority controls the legislative agenda. The majority party doesn't even have to listen to the minority party as the GOP demonstrated in their reign of terror.

So chin up Limbaugh lovers. You are back on the bottom again. That makes you unAmerican terrorist loving fascists. Naw... I'm just kidding or am I?

Seriously though.... Why do I have to be nice to people who labeled me as a bin-Laden lover for my beliefs? Simply because I'm a better person?

It must have been a Republican who coined the phrase, "Nice guys finish last." I suppose it's a true statement in the short term. The fact of the matter is that being an asshole will eventually destroy you in the long run.

Perhaps that is why the GOP is sitting on the sidelines licking their wounds and bitching up a storm. They offer no solutions. They have no agenda at least one that could realistically be implemented. There is no integrity. There is nothing at all commendable about the current GOP even considering their knack of rhyming "Obama" with "Osama". Clever, but extremely shallow.

The American people deserve better. It took long enough for it to happen, but it happened. The GOP should swallow it's collective pride and become a formidable minority party. Then again... it is going to be hard working 5 days a week instead of 3.

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