Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kill Bill

Is there anything cooler than Kill Bill? Watching volume one and two back to back was the ultimate rush.
Ok... I know it is a bit over the top in the violence department and that parts of the film make even the most sadistic among us squeamish. But to dismiss these two films based simply on the gore factor would be a true Shakespearean tragedy.

Tarantino is on top of his game and the dialogue and cinematography in Kill Bill is beyond breathtaking. The fight sequences are indeed top-notch proving that Tarantino is more than just a Kung Foo water cooler consumer. Kill Bill is the ultimate homage to the genera complete with the ridiculous fight moves, over the top violence, and a comic book inspired Kung Foo master.

Volume one is pure indifferent mind-numbing violence periodically splicing in comic book Japanimation and Black and White sequences. It's the setup and it's harsh. Volume two is a whole another vehicle. Instead of unbelievable fight scenes, the back story is filled and the viewer finally comprehends who Bill is and how he is related to the bride.

The endless violence in the first volume is justified. It's revenge of the highest order, but be forewarned... This is a film involving very bad people who do very bad things. The bride is no exception to the rule; She is perhaps the worst of the worst. A manipulative cold hearted killer who takes great pleasure in the demise of her enemies. Following her deadly exploits throughout the world, one senses that she has no soul, and loves no one but herself.

I highly recommend this film. It is the best feature Tarantino has done and that is saying a lot. I'm a huge fan of everything this guy does and he keeps getting better and better.

Kill Bill Volume 1: A-
Kill Bill Volume 2: A+

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Blogger Stealth said...

no there is nothing cooler and you just reminded me to post the slideshow threat I made to someone in particular regarding this...thanks..I will do it promptly...

1/27/2007 01:41:00 AM  

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