Monday, January 29, 2007

Harold & Maude

Forgive me if I've made this rambling before. I watched "Harold & Maude" last night. It's been years since I last saw the movie. Anyway, it brings to mind something I notice with Cat Stevens' music. For some reason, I love his music in very limited doses. But if I have to listen to more than 2 songs in a row I want to poke out my eyes. Not sure why that is exactly. He has good songs, but for some reason I have very little tolerance for it. After watching "Rushmore" and buying the soundtrack, I loved "The Wind" and "Here Goes My Baby". So I decided to buy one of his CDs. I almosts immediately decided to never listen to it again. Again, good songs but I would start skipping songs almost immediately after 2 songs regardless of where I started. After "Harold & Maude" I briefly thought of giving him another chance. Instead, I think I'll remember liking his music in the movie and leave it at that.

Is this an isolated thing or has anyone else had a similar experience?


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