Wednesday, December 13, 2006

McCain Train Running Out of Track?

It appears that Bush is going to ignore most of the ISG insights and recommendations and send more troops into Iraq. Not surprising and not my point. He rules by instinct and feeling rather than facts and advice. But this raises a potential pitfall for McCain*. Since McCain has been steadfast in his belief that we need more troops to secure Iraq and "win", he should be tied to the success of what occurs in Iraq after more troops are sent in. If he objects in any way to the strategy he needs to speak up now or else his strategy IS the same as Bush's strategy. I would tie his presidential ambitions to successful implementation of the Bush plan for more troops. This would scare me if I were McCain. For argument's sake, let's assume more troops will achieve everything we could hope for and more. Given the way Bush has bungled every task, I would still expect it to get messed up due to the implementation. I expect it to be a failure, regardless of its merits, solely because Bush is the one implementing it. It's early in the 2008 presidential season, but the McCain train might already be running out of track.

* I say potential because the media never ceases to amaze me. McCain is their darling and I have a hard time envisioning them pointing out any faults. My guess is if the plan fails they will make excuses along the line of it not being executed his own. I'm fine with this excuse if McCain speaks out in advance. Hindsight doesn't prove leadership - it just proves you're not an idiot. Sadly, our leader doesn't even have hindsight.


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