Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jennings is a Sore Loser

Florida has declared that Democrat Christine Jennings lost to Republican Vern Buchanan by 369 votes. But 18,000 Sarasota County electronic ballots did not record a choice in the race, and Jennings contends that the number is abnormally high and that the machines lost the votes.

Wow. Is Jennings a sore loser or what? I mean she lost fair and square by 369 votes. I know what you are all thinking.... 18,000 lost votes. Forget about the lost votes. They obviously don't exist. Lets focus on the votes that do exist and by that count she lost!

Vern is a winner for so many reasons (Approximately 369 discounting 18,000)

Jennings is also trying to get a hold of the touch-screen voting machine code to determine if the code was buggy or if it was intentionally programmed to lose votes. For some odd reason Electronic Systems & Software Inc, the company that produces the touch-screen machine doesn't want to release the code.

Just to make matters worse for Jennings, the state of Florida states that there is no evidence of machine malfunction or tampering.

So there you go... the system works. Doesn't it make you proud to be an American. Voter disenfranchisement rocks, but only when it works for the Republicans.

When asked about his thoughts, a Buchanan spokesperson responded: "Our primary concern is representing our constituency. Nevertheless, we fully intend to respond."

Beautiful. Well spoken. F*ck the election system and the voters. Who the hell cares? As long as my candidate won, then that is all that really matters. If Buchanan had any real balls, he would join in with Jennings and ask for a recount or a new election. Too bad he has no balls.

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