Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's All About the Benjamins

This is sick!

It was the police looking for a bomb. Up front, police officers, the SWAT
team and others were busy searching the store next to customers who were
browsing for gifts. The police looked in jewelry counters, wrapping paper rolls,
freezers, the back room where trucks unload and closets at Tire Lube

During the nearly two-hour search, Wal-Mart officials opted not to evacuate
the busy discount store even though police recommended they do so. Wal-Mart
officials said the call was a hoax and not a threat.
On Saturday, the Mitchell store - like many retailers nationwide - was
filled with customers making last-minute holiday purchases. The store had at
least $400,000 in sales at stake.

Because all that really matters is the corporation - f$ck the people. Who cares what happens to the customers and employees. What matters is that the store makes as much money as possible, especially during the busy holiday season. I think our priorities are whacked and this just illustrates it. Look, the corporation is not my lord. I am not sent here to serve it. It should serve me and the public good. We have lost our way and the world has been flipped upside down. Back in the day there was at least the notion that corporation had some public accountability. Again, it was a notion only maybe. But nowadays even the notion is gone. All that matters is making as much money as possible to please Wall Street. How have we drifted so far astray?


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