Friday, December 29, 2006

Damn Hippies

As I read and listen to coverage of the Iraq War it's amazing how little people who were against the war from the start are represented. You would think when you are right people might want your opinion. And I'm not talking about pacificists who are against all wars; rather those people who had the foresight to advise against going into Iraq. Somehow, this perspective is not valued. I guess it's because supporting all wars, regardless of progress or merits, is proof of being a tough and patriotic American. All other categories lump you into a damn dirty hippie. Well, maybe we should start listening to people who have been correct, even if they are hippies. It's better than constantly making things worse by listening bto people who have been consistently wrong. Me, I'd rather listen to and hang out with a damn dirty hippie who was right about things rather than the slick used car salesman who's always wrong.


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