Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Most Annoying Actress

Bea Arthur: The most popular cross-dresser in Hollywood
I'm currently try to figure out which actress is the most annoying. Is it the woman from Will
and Grace (Megan Mullally), George's Mom from Seinfeld(Estelle Harris), the Nanny's Fran
Drescher, or Golden Girls' Bea Arthur?

Who knew Estelle was so into hip-hop culture?
Megan and Fran have by far the most annoying voices, however they do have some good qualities. Fran is not all that bad looking, but loses a lot when she starts talking. The same can be said of Megan. Although Estelle has a far less annoying voice, she certainly isn't going to be
winning any beauty pageants. I highly suspect that she was never all that. Bea Arthur? Well, she is quite a handsome elderly man. I think based on that she is automatically disqualified from this contest.
Who can forget the delightful laugh of Fran?
Megan in skinny mode.

So who do you gets your vote for most annoying actress: Megan, Estelle, or Fran?

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Blogger melanaise said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA that makes up for the gag reflex I had on the earlier post...Fran Drescher...LMAO.

You two guys are so freaking hilarious. I simply love it.

8/03/2006 03:58:00 PM  

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