Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Some people may think the video game Bomberman is out of vogue or in poor taste, what with all the wars going on right now in the Middle East. And sure, if you really think about it, the characters are actually terrorists:

The general goal throughout the series is to complete the levels by
strategically placing bombs to kill enemies and destroy obstacles.

However, that's not what I remember about Bomberman. To me, Bomberman is one of the most underrated video games ever. One of these days I'll come up with a list of the top video games of all time and I guarantee Bomberman will be in that list. I'd even go so far as to say that Bomberman is better played drinking than sober. It's kinda the drinking version of Goldeneye, the pot video game while I was in college.

Like most great video games (is there a better game than Ms Pac-Man?), the key is simplicity. Today's video games, while realistic and cool, take hours to learn the most basic task. Bomberman had two rules - try to drop bombs on your opponents and try to avoid getting blown up. That's it. There were obviously twists to this formula, but nothing that make it hard to follow. In fact, the twists were pretty kick ass. Below are a few - you were somehow rewarded with these by blowing away blocks blocking them:
  1. The Rabbit - You got to ride atop a rabbit or a rabbit-type character. In some instances you could move blocks. Plus, you only lost the rabbit if blown up.
  2. Glove - allows you to hit bombs over walls.
  3. Boot - allows you to kick bombs back to where they came
  4. Disease - infects you with a disease, such as slowness, backwards controls, switching positions with another Bomberman, etc. I love getting these!!!

One additional benefit is the trash talk you can use. You're a Bomberman so let's just say 'da bomb is used a lot.

There were different types of Bombermen too. My favorite had to be El Gordo, the heavyset one. There was also a cop and a ninja and another one or two.

I may need to buy a Sega Genesis and Bomberman tonight.

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