Friday, July 07, 2006

T-Shirt = Protest

This story is truly disturbing. I don't even get what's offensive or protesting about a T-shirt that says Veterans for Peace. Is there really a debate over whether War or Peace is better? Wouldn't you actually be more outraged if the shirt said Veterans For War? I'm confused. Would I get arrested if I wore a T-shirt that had the peace sign and said PEACE if I happened to wear it at the wrong venue? Is this really what our country has become? I recommend reading his entire account but here's a snippet.

"You can’t be in here protesting," officer Adkins said, pointing to my Veterans
For Peace shirt.
"Well, I’m not protesting, I’m having a cup of coffee," I returned, thinking that logic would convince Adkins to go back to his earlier duties of guarding against serious terrorists.

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