Friday, July 21, 2006

Plankton Oil

It was reported on thursday that a Spanish company (Bio Fuel Systems) has created a method of breeding plankton in order to turn marine plants into oil. The vehicle tests are some time away since Bio Fuel Systems has not refined the oil. The fuel would be cheaper than the current price of oil and would be 400 times more productive than creating fuel from maize or oilseeds. Also it would reduce C02 and did not produce sulphur dioxide. There is no mention in the article about how much energy it would produce. You can read the article here.

This is quite an interesting development and proof that we might not need to use fossil fuels forever. If Bio Fuel Systems is successful, they are going to make the USA look foolish. It's a shame that such research is not being done in the United States. What gives? Is it more proof that we are losing our technology base? Our government could have spent billions on research into cheap energy and it would have been cheaper and less deadly than the Iraq war.

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