Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Sixth Month Anniversary!

Where does the time go? It's been six months of pure glorious crap. Together we've explored such mundane issues as WWF, Grimace, James Buchanan's Ghost, Corey Haim's film cannon, Police Academy, Friday the 13th, beer economics, Earnest's contributions to society, and so forth to the foibles of the Bush administration, corporate world, Christian fundamentalist, and sports teams everywhere. We aim to entertain and prompt some brain wave activity for all twelve of our loyal readers. It's been fabtabulous exciting and craptacularly fun to say the least. We enjoy blogging for you guys. Thank you for stopping by and all your great feedback.

Life is Crap Vacation Expert: Uncle Traveling Matt

There is so much more to write. For instance we never started our Uncle Traveling Matt column, or submitted our top 100 reasons why malls are evil list. We have not even talked about who would win if Urkelbot and VICKI (Small Wonder) got into a fight. There is much work to be done and the good news is that it will never stop unless we fall over dead or are eaten by sharks!

We could ask for donations. We could ask you to name your first born in our honor. We could even ask you to mail us sugar packets from Denny's along with mint flavored toothpicks. But we don't, because we do this for fun. Why is it fun? Well, it sure beats riding a greyhound from Pittsburgh to San Diego next to a woman with head lice and a talkative fellow from New Hampshire who smells faintly of urine. It is also more fun than barrel of monkeys although I admit that can be quite entertaining. All those monkeys in a barrel! All those monkeys in a barrel!

The best way to show us your appreciation is to post up your social security numbers along with your home address, age, phone number, and real name. We thank you in advance for complying. Together we can make this blogging thing very profitable and ruin your credit rating at the same time. It's a win-win-win situation or win cubed if you prefer. Thank you again!

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