Monday, July 03, 2006

Britons Hate Us

Perhaps it's no big deal that 83% of the British population thinks the USA does not care about the rest of the world and 77% find George W. Bush a poor leader. After all Great Britain is perhaps our greatest ally and the feelings of their every day citizens does not mean anything in the big scheme of things. What is the point in telling us that 77% no longer find us a beacon of hope for the world? How is this going to change anything when we can just bully the hell out of Britons politicians?

Six years of wars, hard talk, and massive deficits has caused a bit of a world reaction although not a positive one. What happens when the world turns on you? What happens when the USA is locked out of new trade deals? Can we afford to pay $5.00 a gallon for gas? Can we survive a stock market crash? Can we exist as the world second biggest super power? Can we endure more terror attacks?

We have heard the warning signs. OPEC contemplating a switch to the Euro. China investors wary of investing in the USA. Trade deals and diplomacy made without our input. We are starting to slip. How low can we go? Will George W. Bush bankrupt our country just like all his businesses? Can we handle two more years of poor decisions?

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Blogger betmo said...

we are the only ones who care- there is a significant number in our population who think that americans can do whatever we want wherever we want and that every other nation in the world should cater to us. i don't doubt that britain and the rest of the planet gets irritated with our arrogant, ignorant behavior. i just wish that they knew that we are not all like that. the media certainly doesn't help- and neither do our 'leaders'. one goes to graceland and the other to a nascar event. nice images. used to be cowboys and open range that we exported. now it's rednecked hillbillies.

7/03/2006 06:25:00 PM  
Blogger melanaise said...

hi betmo, nice to see ya!....

The british like my weblog...and I make it pretty clear that I am from Texas which *Georgey Peorgey can't spell "Aye"* acts like he owns.

I think (just my humble opinion) that most people know our media runs the polls, and so does the british media.

I almost sometimes feel it is to put us at odds with one another

This is the place I get my news, baby!!

The politicians upset me too much, so I tend to form my own inner morals (not the law) because I feel most leaders in the world are incompetant right now, and only my heart leads me.

I am grateful for the folks who post things politically because someone has to but I rarely do, because life is so fleeting, I have no control over politians because I am poor, and I don't think I would want control of them if I could have it.

Hmm...that might be the most honest thing I have ever said on blogger.

7/03/2006 10:04:00 PM  

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