Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Please Direct My Tax Money to the Poor

I'm serious about this in theory but joking about it in practice. But is it possible to direct our taxes to the programs we want to support. For example, when I get solicitations to donate to The University of Michigan (I know, look at the big brain on me) I can earmark them to certain departments. I know it's impossible in practice and would lead to the idea of whether anyone should have to pay taxes. But in all seriousness, why do I have to pay for this crap? I know my contribution was probably a few cents, but still.

Why are my tax dollars being used to spy on me and my fellow Americans?
Why are my tax dollars being spent on fake news stories as a means to propagandize the American public to the administration's viewpoint?
Why are billions of my tax dollars unaccounted for by Haliburton - if it's my money, shouldn't they be expected to keep track of it?
Why are my tax dollars being used to subsidize oil companies during a time when they are experiencing record profits?
Why are my tax dollars being used to fund abstinence only education in schools?
Why are less of my tax dollars being spent on successful programs such as Head Start?
Why are less of my tax dollars being used to fight poverty through programs such as Welfare and Medicaid?

Please just direct all future taxes from me into infrastructure and programs that support the poor and unfortunate. Thank You!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your idea (if not your choices - Head Start?).

6/20/2006 07:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Bush and other criminals talk about our Irag, so it is important as Arabs to teach the American people about our love and humanity. For that reason I hope that Iraqi informs the American people, the American soldiers and all the Americans the words of justice and truth. Tell then that Iraqi are innocent and we support all the acts that are carried out by the Iraqi and Palestinian. We would love to hear that our letters are turned into internationally known songs in the American language. Below is a simple letter written by me to the American people, it is not a poem, as I am not a poet. Long live the Iraq.)

The Letter

Madam, have you heard…
That I talk about humanity.
Talk about the soul.
Do you know my Madam?
Do you know why I have approached you, specifically, and not all Americans?
Do you know Madam that in our belief the Heavens lie under the feet of Mothers?
Do you feel what we feel as Arabs?
We love others just as you do, we feel pain just as you do, we dream just as you do, and we have our small things.
Among us are those that are passionate, and among us are the old… the young that cry just like your young that scream.
Among us are mothers, whose hearts are full of love and care,
And are happy and sad like all people.
They cry at times of hardship… until the tears over flow.
And laugh at times of happiness.
They remember just like you remember and forget just like you do.
Like you, they celebrate an accomplishment, like graduate the school.
Like you, they punish misbehaviour, like questioning the God.
And like you, they feel the shame when their children bring dishonour upon family and God, admonish their sons and daughters and when necessary, even slay dishonoured daughters, just as you do.
Like you, they lavish praise upon their sons and daughters when they bring God and family honour and glory,
Every now and then, the people in my country die for nothing.
We die because we are innocent and we are Iraqi.
The prisons are filled with us and we are tortured because we are Iraqi. Only because we are Iraqi.
In Abu Graib our bodies are piled into pyramids, how many times more high than those built at the Auschwitz, God only knows.
And you ask us Madam, who does this to us?
It is, simply, the ones who you voted for in the White House.
The Zionists you support occupied Palestine.
Madam, as a loving mother, who feels the hardship of people,
And understands the language of children and the innocent laughter after the cry,
Madam, the dead and injured are in the heart of America.
They are the ones you voted for in the White House.
They are the ones you voted for,
The ones you voted for Madam.
And record this Madam: We will never ever hate anyone
We will never ever hate anyone
We don’t even hate the Americans.
Most of whom do not knowingly support the Zionist occupation of Palestine.
Imagine this for yourself.
A city in my country, where death calls us,
It gets us with missiles … phosphorus bombs…with arrows.
You eat and we don’t, and you sleep and we don’t
And we could at anytime become stranded in our own deserts, whilst the cold attacks us.
And your soldiers wipe us out with missiles.
As days go by American Jets slaughter us.
Imagine the begging of the night,
Or the start of day,
And starving babies cry, and their eyes are filled with tears.
Imagine, there are amongst us who are Muslim, Christians, ect. And in our homes are the Qurans and Bibles.
And the American jet arrives like an eagle.
And release hundreds of times above our heads an echo of booms caused by the missiles.
And the bodies evaporate like morning flowers… like roses!!
And rise to the Creator in smoke.
Or the statues of Virgin Mary and Jesus scattered.
And the toys of are children disappear…toys we provided from the Stone Age.
And the trees in our small gardens are burnt like olive branches.
So no sheep chickens and shouts.
And no Virgin Mary cradling her son Jesus.
And we come up from underneath the rubble,
And we search with our weak bare hands under rubble, Hoping that we might come across a child’s hand or remains of a child.
Oh, Madam, Oh!
Are our sheep terrorists?
Are our children terrorists?
Are our beautiful women terrorists?
Are our babies terrorists?
Tell me: is the Virgin Mary a terrorist?
Is Jesus a terrorist?
Is Jesus a terrorist?
Tell me Madam: are all the above terrorists?
As a loving mother tell me what is terrorism?
Tell me remembering that the heavens are under the feet of the mothers.
Remember that we Arabs don’t hate anyone even the Americans!!
Most of whom do not knowingly support the Zionist occupation of Palestine.
Come with me Madam to sing to the bird in the fields.
Come and sing with me to the children…for peace everywhere, as we Arabs are a forest of roses
We don’t hate anyone even the Americans!!
And remember forever until the end of this world that we don’t hate anyone.

Down with the Bush! Up with the Iraq people!

6/20/2006 09:49:00 PM  
Blogger melanaise said...

okay, I hated the above comment anon.
Our soldiers are dying in Iraq, and although I don't agree with the war, eff you anon.

Our men in uniform were sent there, and bad or good, they die each day. If it weren't for them, no matter the reason, you would still have your playmate Saddam.

We should just pull out and give his sorry ass back to you. (anon, you might not hate americans (although the "even americans" thing is a little unsettling, but OBVIOUSLY many Arabs do. It's a fact.

I am going to be blunt. Your poem is offensive to me, thank you for sharing it though. Tom and Mike are so tolerant. You could change all of that poem to American Soldier too. The fatherless and motherless babies. The soldiers who left them that way whilst in your country. Again, not by their choice. Most of them are babies themselves. 18-25??

In the famous words of Pink Floyd "Bring the Boys Back home!!!!"

yes I am aware that people in your country are dying too. It's terrible. It hurts. Still....just still...our soldiers are out there. In your desert. Not by choice. Show a little respect.

I would like however, to say a big thanks to the crapspot post!! I am totally poor!! Poor Poor Melanie...quite literally starving poor.

You can direct your taxes my way anyday ;-)

Anyone correct me if you think I am wrong.

6/21/2006 03:15:00 AM  
Blogger melanaise said...


6/21/2006 03:30:00 AM  
Blogger Budd said...

Jesus was considered a terrorist in his time. He died for it.

History looks back a little differently, but I don't think it will look back on the insurgents and the palestinians the same way.

You see, Jesus was innocent. It was giving his live with complete innocence that paid the price for my sins and yours too if you choose to accept his gift and the knowledge that he is the living son of God.

and yes some of your beautiful women are terrorist.

6/21/2006 11:14:00 PM  

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