Friday, June 16, 2006

Just Like The Fambly Cat Contest

Yeah, the first time Life is Crap is conducting a contest. I'm so excited I would be screaming like a schoolgirl if I wasn't at work right now.

I'm definitely more low tech than Mike, so I apologize in advance if this doesn't exactly work out the way I would like. But not only were we given the latest video by Grandaddy, but we were asked to participate in a contest. And ultimately, that means we get to reward you guys. 3 winners will receive a Grandaddy button and poster.

And here's what we need from you - send an email to thecrapspot@yahoo.com with Grandaddy in the subject. Each week we will announce a new winner, though you only have to enter once. And if you want to write a brief story or poem or song or anything about your family pet than we will print all of these too.

Good luck!!!

Where I’m Anymore Video: Quicktime + Windows Low + Windows High Ecard and Game

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Blogger melanaise said...

that link doesn't come up on my pc...why don't you ever request a song by them from me...one in 4/4 time...

If you could choose one, what would you have me play?

I can plug your contest on my site to the beat...*dancing*

6/16/2006 05:59:00 PM  

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