Thursday, March 09, 2006

Quick Questions For Ya

Should I continue to hold out hope for the inevitable Bay City Rollers revival to occur soon or should I take down the pictures from my bedroom wall for now?

How can you have a Team USA without Corey Patterson? If for nothing else, he could have been the scapegoat for any losses such as yesterday's loss to Canada. I mean Cubs fans have done it the past few years (though not without their reasons). As a plus, he probably would have struck out a few times and fallen in the outfield so they may have been mercy ruled by Canada.

Apparently I neglected to realize the benefits of being 35 and living at home with my parents - free rent, free food, an excuse to never settle down. Call me crazy, but I always thought it was pretty pathetic. But now I understand the idea is pure genius. I can definitely see a trend of single guys moving back in with their parents. Think I'll give it a test run this weekend. On another note, I'm glad to see Matthew McConoughy finally decided to play again the character he played in "Dazed & Confused."
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