Friday, February 24, 2006

Wish Me Luck

Tickets for the Chicago Cubs go onsale in a few minutes so I'll be spending most of the day in a Virtual Waiting Room waiting for the opportunity to purchase tickets for an injury ridden .500 baseball team. Unfortunately this waiting room is nowhere as cool as the Fugazi song. And since the Cubs prefer to allow ticket brokers to have as many tickets as possible, please say a prayer for me. I'm really gonna enjoy this team, with their staff of injured pitchers. As least they can repeat for most simulated game victories. I think Kid K threw 4 simulated no-hitters last year.

Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes. I have so far been able to purchase tickets to 3 Cubs games. And I was able to snag 6 tickets in the lower level behind the 3rd base dugout for the June 17th game against the Detroit Tigers. That was the big one, as my parents and brothers will be visiting that weekend.


Anonymous rich said...

Tom, tom , tom, tommy, tom, tom. The cubs are going to win the central this year. Here's why:

Every World Series champion going back to 1980 has had at least one asian and one frenchmen. We have Derrick Lee and Juan Pierre. We have it locked up this year.

2/24/2006 03:30:00 PM  
Blogger Mike K said...

Do you think the Tigers will win that game?

2/24/2006 03:48:00 PM  
Blogger Tom G said...

Funny thing - when I googled Derek Lee for a picture an Asian guy was in the top 15 pictures. Not making that up!!!

If last year was any indication, here are the Tigers chances depending on who's pitching.
Big Z (Carlos Zambrano) - 0%
Mad Dog (Greg Maddux) - 10%
Glendon Rusch - 50%
Anyone else - 95%

BTW, I'm assuming Kid K (Kerry Wood) will be retired, Mark Prior will be injured, and Wade Miller will be stranded on a deserted island

2/24/2006 03:59:00 PM  

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