Sunday, February 19, 2006

Spud Webb

I was only able to catch a little of the NBA Slam Dunk contest because of a friend's bachelor party. But I saw on the highlights that Spud Webb was involved. Apparently the winner, 5'9" Nate Robinson of the Knicks did a dunk where he leapt over Spud Webb. I don't have to tell you whether he won.

This reminds me of how I used to look forward to the Slam Dunk contest each year. It's just not the same anymore. But here are some contest ideas I have to spruce up NBA All-Star weekend.

  1. NBA/WNBA 2-on-2 competition: Pair one NBA player with a WNBA player from the same town vs another team from another town. Imagine the fun whenever the NBA player gets the WNBA player on them. In fact, I would only run pick and rolls until the WNBA player was forced to switch to the NBA player. Then, the NBA player could just post up. It would be loads of fun.
  2. 21: Remember the fun you had playing 21 with your friends? Wouldn't you enjoy watching 5+ NBA players play a game of 21? Imagine all the fun of tipping someone back to 0. Watching someone miss a free throw at 20 to return to 13 points. As a plus, you could make it an elimination style game until you were left with 2 players who then played 1-on-1 for the championship.
  3. 12th Man Game: Secretly we all believe we could compete with the 12th man on a NBA roster. But I'm betting those guys are much better than all rec league warriors. So let's give them a chance to showcase their skills. Then again, maybe I think Darko should be heavily involved in anything NBA related and devised a game to incorporate him.


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