Sunday, February 19, 2006

Small Wonder's: Emily Schulman

You might remember Emily as that annoying bratty red headed girl, Harriet Brindle, who lived next door to the Lawsons on Small Wonder. She had a crush on their son Jamie and was constantly trying to prove that VICI was a robot. She hasn't worked since the short lived TV series, "Christy" in 1994. Often overlooked, Emily had her moments. She once made Mr. Belvedere proclaim that she was more annoying than Wesley. This would make her in the running for most annoying child actor of all time. It's hard to find information about Emily. She wasn't a media darling like Tiffany Brissette often known as America's Favorite Robot who has had guest spots on the 700 club and is also the subject of several web fan pages with broken links and missing pictures. It's a disgrace to Emily's honor that some out of work child molester does not have the gumption to create an Emily page. Was she too fugly? Was she too annoying? Where is the justice? Sigh. Emily, wherever you are, thank you for... ummm... thank you for... I remember you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep a picture of Emily Schulman in my desk at work.

10/05/2006 03:43:00 PM  

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