Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Lately I've been thinking about some of my favorite bands that are no longer around for one reason or another. Really, it started while listed to Pavement. And I was thinking, what bands do I really want to reunite and tour. For while Stephen Malkmus has achieved a certain level of success without the Pavement name, it is not the same as seeing Pavement. So I thought I would list the bands I would most enthusiastically support if they reunited and toured. To be honest, I was heavily influenced by whether I had ever seen them live before. And I obviously excluded bands where the key members are dead. While I would do everything to see The Clash, without Joe Strummer it's not The Clash.

1 - Neutral Milk Hotel

I unfortunately got into Neutral Milk Hotel too late to see them live. Just barely. If Jeff ever decides to perform as Neutral Milk Hotel, I will do everything in my power to attend. For that is what "In The Aeroplane Over the Sea" has meant to me. Such an easy choice as #1.

2 - Hater

This is listed as high primarily because the handful of times that Hater performed was in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, they really were a moment in time. But if they ever reform and decide to play live, I will be there. Their self-titled CD is one of my favorites and I used to give it to friends as birthday and Christmas gifts.

3 - Godspeed! You Black Emperor

Another band that's maybe a little too high based on the chances of them reforming. They played one of the most memorable concerts ever, shortly after 9/11 at St Andrew's Hall in Detroit. It was very moving, cathartic, and hopeful - all the more impressive since the music is instrumental. Since the odds appear low they will ever reform, I can only hope. But if they ever tour again, I will be there.

4 - Uncle Tupelo

I know - not gonna happen. But if it does happen, I'll be there.

5 - Guns n' Roses

Here I'm referring to basically the Appetite for Destruction lineup. Much like I don't recognize Mike Love's Beach Boys, I refuse to recognize Axl's myriad lineups as an official G n' R. I may like Buckethead, but he's not a member of Guns n' Roses.

6 - The Replacements

It took me a long time to get The Replacements, but now I do. And I would love to see one of their legendary concerts. Though I do realize that it would not be the drunken mess it was in the '80s. But it would be amazing to witness the music live.

7 - Pavement

As time goes by I miss Pavement more and more. I find myself listening to them more and more. Besides being a great band, time has been kind to them. Their influence is more profound and clear now than it was even 5 years ago. Truly one of the best bands ever. However, I would not object if Bob and his "singing" was left at home if they reunite.

8 - Husker Du

I thankfully had the chance to see Bob Mould live many times. He lived in Chicago for many years and was a staple at summer festivals in addition to his regular tour stops. So I've had some of my live Husker Du fix. But a whole set of Husker would be too much to ask.

9 - Television

Now I'm going into crazy territory. But you never know. Maybe a Lollapalooza or Coachella. The chance to hear Tom Verlaine's guitar work live.

10 - Fugazi

Would be higher on the list if I didn't think it was inevitable to occur. I just think Fugazi will find the need to record again. And when that happens, it will also include touring. I regret never seeing them live, which is shame on me.


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